The Christopher Club
The Christopher Club is family owned and operated. The Oyer Family purchased the facility in 2007 from the Knights of Columbus. The Knights of Columbus had owned and operated the facility since 1965. Our entire family is involved in all aspects from bartending to catering to booking your event! Our family continues to upgrade and improve upon this already great facility! Most recently we replaced the dance floor, installed a full catering kitchen, upgrading lighting, and changed to a more neutral decor. We look forward to working with you!

Fred & Debbie Oyer - Owners

Fred & Debbie have been business owners since 1996. They began their entrepreneurial careers as the owners of Melody Pool in Clayton, Ohio. They are also owners of Christopher Swim Club, which is located directly behind The Christopher Club. They both enjoy meeting new people and being directly involved in the Banquet Hall Events. Fred & Debbie have three children; Jeannette, Cristine and Jim. They also have four grandchildren JR & Marie, who are pictured above and Henry & Will (not pictured).

Jim Oyer - Executive Chef

Jim has been cooking since a very young age. He has always had a passion for food. Jim was formally trained at Joliet College near Chicago. From there he returned to Dayton and began his career as the Banquet Chef at the Dayton Marriott. After the purchase of The Christopher Club, Jim took charge of renovating the kitchen to become a full catering kitchen. Jim has created the menus and prepares the meals using only the finest and freshest ingredients!